The Inventions of The Dreamer’s Tears

InventionsHi there. My name is Ivy. I’m the lead character in The Dreamer’s Tears. My author (the incorrigible Cristy Zinn) has asked me to tell you a little more about the inventions in the books – the fantastic things that Borinvere came up with. It’s a fitting tribute to such a legendary man.




Here is a list of some of the things he made:

– Tickering cars

– The clopper

– Tower balloons

– Cloud hoppers

– Tower Lanterns

– Clockwork Knightmares

– The Whirling Wonder (designed by Declan – who is a budding inventor himself)

– A ‘lift’ used inside the tower

– And various other fantastic things!


So what are all these things and what do they do??? To be honest, I don’t know how half of them work but I’ll try to explain it as best I can.


Tickering Cars

In the book I describe these cars as wagons that need no horses (perfect for a town who prefers not to use any kind of animal that resembles a Knightmare!) but having the appearance of a horse’s muzzle. Seriously, that’s what they look like. It’s a little unnerving actually. In other words, it has a small carriage with enough room for two people and a long ‘nose’ section where the clockwork parts, gears and lumus rocks sit. Inside the carriage, there are two seats, a steering wheel and a lot of gears and levers that I don’t understand. Unfortunately the only time I get to drive in one of these cars is under the most dire circumstances, so I don’t really enjoy it.


The Clopper

This is a one-of-a-kind invention made especially for my best friend, Max. He was badly injured in an accident a few years ago, damaging his legs. Borinvere took pity on him and invented a wheelchair made of copper rods, leather seats, clockwork parts and a little steam power to help it move. It’s amazing. Max doesn’t like to use it unless he really needs to but he’s grateful for it nonetheless. If he didn’t have to be in it, he would probably love playing with it. He does like driving me around in it.


Tower Balloons

Ah, these are probably my favourite! The Tower is quite a way from the Master’s cottage and even though Borinvere’s tickering cars could get him there in no time, there is still the long, winding staircase to the top that he would have to climb. So, being a Master of Invention, he decided to find another solution. Thank goodness – I would have hated to climb those stairs every transformation. From the outside they look very much like ordinary balloons except that they have a metal gondola instead of a woven one. These balloons don’t only run on steam, they also run on some of the lumus energy from the tower, powering the fins that direct the balloon to the tower. There is a complicated mess of gears and levers – Borinvere really loved his levers, didn’t he? – but I get the hang of it in the end. Being up high is the best feeling in the world.


Cloud Hoppers

I’m not sure I like these inventions. Declan is an expert at flying them but they give me the chills. I don’t like to have nothing but fresh air under my feet when I’m that high up! They are also balloons, with a much smaller balloon and a small leather seat and harness. There are some levers there too, to somehow steer the balloon. To be honest, when I rode a cloud hopper for the first – and last – time, I was in quite a state, so I wasn’t really in the mood to enjoy the ‘glory’ of the flight.


Tower Lanterns

These are collectors items now – you’ll have to read the book to find out why. Small lanterns the exact shape of the Tower, with chips of lumus rocks inside them that give off a faint light. They are useless for lighting the way – the light is too dim – but they are fantastic ornaments. Borinvere made them for our 250th New Tower’s Eve festival when we celebrate the Tower.


Clockwork Knightmares

Mister Grimdor was the first to make one of these – undoubtedly helped by Borinvere – for his famous puppet shows. Then I made one during an Apprenticeship test, trying really hard to get kicked out. Who knew it would actually help me get appointed? So what is it? A miniature Knightmare made of clockwork parts. Mine was very lopsided and not at all graceful but when Borinvere made a copy of it, he did a lovely job of it.


The Whirling Wonder

Believe it or not, this one was invented by Declan. I know, I could hardly believe it myself. It’s a festival ride. There is a centre pole that holds the clockwork parts, lumus rocks and whatever else makes the thing go. It is connected to a panel board full of levers and buttons to control the speed and so on. From the central panel are arms that spiderweb out. On the end of each arm is a seat that looks a lot like a cloud hopper. When the machine is running, the seats are spun around, lifting almost right angle to the ground and making the rider feel as though they are flying through the air. It is proof that Declan does want to have fun – somewhere very, very deep inside.


The Lift inside the tower

This one I can’t tell you too much about because I saw it destroyed and hanging by it’s last threads. Basically, it allowed Borinvere get down to the bottom of the tower without having to climb the stairs. I can’t tell you more than that – I don’t want to give too much away. The Tower should remain as much of a mystery as possible until you read the book.


Those are the main inventions of The Dreamer’s Tears. The great thing about inventions is that they are always preceded by questions. When Borinvere was first Master he had to drive out to the Tower and climb the stairs (like you might have read in By Tower Now Defeated, the prequel to this book). Instead of just doing things the way they were always done, Borinvere asked a question: What if I could fly like a bird, all the way to the Tower? Inventions are a little like stories – we ask a question and we figure out how to make up the thing that answers the question.


I hope your questions lead you to great inventions, discoveries and stories. Mine certainly did.



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