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Book Review: I Heart Robot by Suzanne van Rooyen

When I read the blurb for this book I knew I needed to read it. I wasn’t disappointed. Suzanne van Rooyen writes an entirely believable future where AI androids are fighting for equality. Tyri loves playing violin despite her mother’s insistence that she should forget music and follow the path of science like herself. Tyri has no intention of abandoning… Read more →

Making the best

Yesterday I sent my book to the printers… For those of you who have been following, this marks seven months since my book has been out of print because my wonderful publisher had to close down. Why on earth did I wait seven months, you ask? In short, because I am a slow processor. I’ve learned this about myself in… Read more →

The Dreamer’s Tears re-release

After six months of uncertainty regarding The Dreamer’s Tears I can finally announce that I have re-released the ebook. I’m hoping to have print books available soon but in the meantime I am so happy that the book is available for readers once again. You can buy a copy here. Why have I decided to self-publish? Well, after so much… Read more →

Leaving the doldrums

I hope this is true of all writers at some point in their writing career but recently I hit the doldrums.                 That first definition is pretty much where my ship has been sitting for the past six months. I have an idea how I got there but I’m still surprised it lasted… Read more →

There’s room

Gah! Cat Hellisen has done it again! She’s written this blog post that has me blubbering because it’s true and it’s made me realise something: there’s space in this big old world for stories like mine. And yours. I’ve always been secretly chagrined that I don’t write gritty, adult stories. Why can’t I be more grown-up? Why can’t I write about real… Read more →

The Path in the forest

I was recently asked to write a story for a Christmas event. A story I would have to read aloud. Seeing as I am in a bit of a writing slump, the idea terrified me. Not only was the brief very specific but I would have my reading audience right there to give me feedback instantly – every introvert writer’s… Read more →

The end.

I thought I had dealt with the fact that my publisher is closing down and what that means. I guess I didn’t. Today is the 1st of December, the official closing date of Fox and Raven. Though it’s been silent for a long time, today still feels a little like a death, an end. I won’t lie, today is hard.… Read more →

Make it good

I recently started reading this beautiful book called, Wildwood. It’s written by Colin Meloy and illustrated by Carson Ellis (who might have the coolest website I’ve ever seen!). I’ll admit, I was drawn to the book by the cover. Carson’s illustrations are so rich and intriguing that I had to open the thing up and see if the words inside… Read more →


I’m not sure where it comes from (probably movies and hype media and pinterest boards) but the new year always feels like a little bit of a reset… in my head anyway. We usually go away as a family in the first few weeks of the new year and I am always disappointed when I get back and find that… Read more →