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Storytelling bliss

I’m in the weirdest writing place I’ve ever been. I’m not writing nearly enough and I’m not consumed with the self-pressure of getting a story done. But while I busy myself with my new business, I have this story writing itself in the back of my mind. When I do manage to scrounge up some writing time (mostly on weekends,… Read more →


I’m in my second month of starting my own business (you can check out more on that here) and finding little or no time to write. And though I love what I’m doing, I had one of those days today where reality set in… I haven’t written for days and the stories on my head are succumbing to gravity and… Read more →


I’ve had to pinch myself repeatedly over the last few weeks because this last slog of getting the book ready for print (final edit, page layout approval, cover approval, general my-book-is-coming-out chaos) has been incredibly surreal. I know, beginner enthusiasm. But I think you get people who achieve something, enjoy it, but don’t take any time to savour it because… Read more →

New Ventures

No, this is not a blog on how visualisation helps with show-not-tell (although that is a good topic for a blog). It’s about a surprising and delightful opportunity that came my way a couple of weeks ago. When I began writing eleven years ago – or rather, when I began taking my writing seriously – I never imagined myself writing… Read more →

The Interim

Before the Massively Anticipated and Fantastic News happened (aka my book deal), I often wondered what on earth it happened between your signature on the contract and your book in the store. Can I just say, there is A LOT in between. In a few weeks I will embark on the Great Edit but in the interim I am trying… Read more →

Writer’s doubt

I am participating in the ‘Writing Contest: Overcoming Writer’s Doubt’ held by Positive Writer, hence this blog post. I think I’m safe in assuming that every writer goes through some form of doubt but here are a few truths about writer’s doubt that you might not know: 1. It’s a creativity killer (it’s like a mute button for The Muse)… Read more →

Dangling carrots

The dawn of Nanowrimo unhinged an unexpected superpower – procrastination. Ironically, the Nanowrimo website actually has a ‘procrastinating centre’ where you can procrastinate by watching videos on writing. Technically you could call it research… but really, let’s be honest, it’s just taking you away from writing. For some reason, Nanowrimo has awakened this sleeping giant in me and so I… Read more →

Start it. Finish it.

I read some excellent advice from a writer the other day from Neil Gaiman: Finish what you’re writing. Whatever you have to do to finish it, finish it. It sounds so simple but it’s one of the harder things writers will face. Especially those of us who don’t have publishing deadlines. I’ve had a week of leave and dedicated it… Read more →