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Making the best

Yesterday I sent my book to the printers… For those of you who have been following, this marks seven months since my book has been out of print because my wonderful publisher had to close down. Why on earth did I wait seven months, you ask? In short, because I am a slow processor. I’ve learned this about myself in… Read more →

Storytelling bliss

I’m in the weirdest writing place I’ve ever been. I’m not writing nearly enough and I’m not consumed with the self-pressure of getting a story done. But while I busy myself with my new business, I have this story writing itself in the back of my mind. When I do manage to scrounge up some writing time (mostly on weekends,… Read more →

There’s room

Gah! Cat Hellisen has done it again! She’s written this blog post that has me blubbering because it’s true and it’s made me realise something: there’s space in this big old world for stories like mine. And yours. I’ve always been secretly chagrined that I don’t write gritty, adult stories. Why can’t I be more grown-up? Why can’t I write about real… Read more →

Cat Hellisen – Writer

I read Beastkeeper by Cat Hellisen earlier this year and gushed ad nauseam about it here, which is why I’m not sure how it took me so long to ask Cat for an interview. I sent her a barrage of questions that she was kind enough to answer. I love her candid, non-pretentious way of answering these questions. She gives… Read more →

Just keep writing

Someone I know shared this image on Facebook recently (see below). It really struck me because I was in the middle of a week that looked exactly like the ‘reality’ section and it sucked. Haven’t I told myself (and possibly you) a million times that this writing journey is hard and fraught with disappointment? Haven’t I weathered enough rejection letters… Read more →

Women who read novels in cars

I was once of the opinion that women who read novels in cars lived a leisurely life. I assumed that anyone who carried books with them must know they are going to have ample free time on their hands. Then I became one of those women. Not only do I read novels in my car but I often write them… Read more →

Navigate with care

 As I navigate writing groups on Facebook, follow writers on Twitter and subscribe to various writing blogs I am always astounded by the horrible language writers adopt when they comment. Some of their comments and posts are so heavily abbreviated you need a decoder-ring to read them. To put things into perspective, read the example on the right. (Wordsmith’s please… Read more →

Designed stories

Sometimes I’ve looked at a story for so long I can no longer see if it’s any good. All I see is the mechanics – I see the way a particular word colours the sentence with the right tone, I see the way a character has an imperceptible quirk that makes them stand out, I see how scene one foreshadows… Read more →

Short Story Day Africa workshops

Today I did the last of my workshops at Chelsea Preparatory school for Short Story Day Africa (happening on the 21st of June). My mission? To give the grade sevens some tools to use for the upcoming SSDA kids competition and short story writing in general. I had great fun putting the slide show and worksheets together – so much… Read more →

The Sci-Fi Girl

Today I did my talk and workshop at the South African Writers’ Circle. It was a little strange to be on that side of the meeting but once the nerves settled, I had so much fun I barely noticed that most of the writers there ‘weren’t really into sci-fi’. I think, by the end of it, some of them were… Read more →