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Skolion Street Team

So, some of you may not know but I am part of a fantastic Author Collaboration called Skolion. Don’t ask me how I managed to find myself in the company of such incredible authors – I try not to question such things. Skolion is busy putting together an awesome Street Team made up of the supporters and fans of the… Read more →

Rachel Morgan – Writer

Rachel Morgan is the best-selling author of the Creepy Hollow series, a YA fantasy. I read some of her books last year (I haven’t caught up yet because she’s so darn prolific, I can’t keep up!) and thoroughly enjoyed them. When I did a workshop with some Grade 7’s I even met one of her fans, who gushed on and… Read more →

Eugene Black – Writer

Eugene Black lives in Cape Town, South Africa where he spends his waking hours working in the book & music industry whilst pursuing his part time careers as both writer of imaginary fiction and vocalist for rock band Six Of Nine. His many endeavours have led to television, magazine and radio appearances as well as performances throughout South Africa. How… Read more →