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The Dreamer’s Tears re-release

After six months of uncertainty regarding The Dreamer’s Tears I can finally announce that I have re-released the ebook. I’m hoping to have print books available soon but in the meantime I am so happy that the book is available for readers once again. You can buy a copy here. Why have I decided to self-publish? Well, after so much… Read more →

Jaleigh Johnson – Writer

Jaleigh Johnson is the author of the middle grade steampunk fantasy, The Mark of the Dragonfly. I read this novel a few months ago and could not put it down. This extraordinary blend of genres was an adventure I will not soon forget. And so, of course, I thought I needed to ask Jaleigh some questions… she was kind enough… Read more →

Philip Reeve – Writer

This is the first Author Interview on the new site with Mortal Engines author, Philip Reeve. I first discovered Philip’s work two years ago when I found a signed copy of Larklight at a book sale and I have been an avid fan ever since. Philip has been kind enough to answer some questions on writing… 1.       Explain a little about… Read more →