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Story of a reluctant reader

I have two children. The first, my fourteen-year-old son, is a voracious reader who said he had to check out the high school library before he decided if he wanted to go there. The second, my twelve-year-old daughter, would rather run over hot coals than read a book. Both these children have grown up in a house brimming with books.… Read more →

World Read Aloud Day!

On the 24th of February it is WORLD READ ALOUD DAY! There are two reasons I am very excited about this day. Firstly, I have two very distinct readers in my house: a son who consumes books like a drug, and a daughter who cannot sit still long enough to finish a sentence. She’s well into senior primary now and… Read more →

Book Giveaway

Exciting news! {PLEASE NOTE: closing date is extended to the 26th of August} I enjoyed giving away a copy of my book so much at the last workshop I did that I’ll be giving away a copy* of The Dreamer’s Tears to one lucky follower in the next two weeks. Here’s what you have to do: 1. Follow me on Twitter (@CristyZinn)… Read more →

Make it good

I recently started reading this beautiful book called, Wildwood. It’s written by Colin Meloy and illustrated by Carson Ellis (who might have the coolest website I’ve ever seen!). I’ll admit, I was drawn to the book by the cover. Carson’s illustrations are so rich and intriguing that I had to open the thing up and see if the words inside… Read more →

Women who read novels in cars

I was once of the opinion that women who read novels in cars lived a leisurely life. I assumed that anyone who carried books with them must know they are going to have ample free time on their hands. Then I became one of those women. Not only do I read novels in my car but I often write them… Read more →

The joy of libraries

This week is South African Library Week… it’s only Wednesday and I’ve already been to the library twice this week to fetch more books for my over-zealous son (who devours books like mosquito’s suck blood). When my kids were tinies, and I was a stay-at-home-everything living in Cape Town, we would make numerous trips to the library just to get… Read more →