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Making the best

Yesterday I sent my book to the printers… For those of you who have been following, this marks seven months since my book has been out of print because my wonderful publisher had to close down. Why on earth did I wait seven months, you ask? In short, because I am a slow processor. I’ve learned this about myself in… Read more →

Glorious books

I look at books differently now that I have one of my own in the world. They have always been mighty things in my life with a magic all of their own. When you’re sufficiently immersed in them, they feel very much alive. I like that feeling. A lot. When I got my kindle a few years ago I was… Read more →

Fox & Raven – Publishers

Fox & Raven is described as an upstart Indie Press, ready to make waves in the South African publishing industry. Of course, every speculative fiction author from Cape Point to Pretoria will be chomping at the bit to get work ready to send in. Why? Because unlike a lot of publishers in South Africa, this start-up is willing to take… Read more →