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Leaving the doldrums

I hope this is true of all writers at some point in their writing career but recently I hit the doldrums.                 That first definition is pretty much where my ship has been sitting for the past six months. I have an idea how I got there but I’m still surprised it lasted… Read more →

Writer’s doubt

I am participating in the ‘Writing Contest: Overcoming Writer’s Doubt’ held by Positive Writer, hence this blog post. I think I’m safe in assuming that every writer goes through some form of doubt but here are a few truths about writer’s doubt that you might not know: 1. It’s a creativity killer (it’s like a mute button for The Muse)… Read more →

Just keep writing

Someone I know shared this image on Facebook recently (see below). It really struck me because I was in the middle of a week that looked exactly like the ‘reality’ section and it sucked. Haven’t I told myself (and possibly you) a million times that this writing journey is hard and fraught with disappointment? Haven’t I weathered enough rejection letters… Read more →

Blank page

I am on the verge of beginning a new project. This one has involved a lot more pre-writing business. I’ve wrestled with concept, dug into my characters, built my world, decided on POV character and chosen the tense… I’ve even outlined a basic scene-by-scene plot. Usually I just write and decide on those as I go but I’ve been chewing… Read more →

Silver linings

So, in the middle of Nanowrimo, right before the day I had set aside for a marathon writing session, my computer staged a rebellion. After days of trying to pretend the problem did not exist, I gumly handed her over to someone who could fix her… in a few days. Days without my computer?!? I don’t know about other writers… Read more →

Working in the Shadows

I am a fan of a new Durban based band called Gangs of Ballet. One of the reasons I am a fan is because the band consists of two brothers that I know – they are such humble guys despite their exceptional musical and song-writing talents. The reason they have made an appearance in this blog is because in a… Read more →

Silence your inner critic!

Do you have an inner critic? That voice inside your head that tells you ‘you’ll never be a published writer’? I think we all have one – I think even published authors have one that they struggle with on each new project – and sometimes we stop a project based purely on that little voice. We tell ourselves that the… Read more →

Things the Theatre Taught Me

I am busy preparing a novel to submit to a publisher. I won’t say it’s on its final edit because I have a feeling, if it is accepted, the editors will send it back with huge sections to re-work – not because it isn’t good but because there will always be something that could be better. As I sat the… Read more →

When the hard work pays off

I know I haven’t posted anything in ages but there’s a good reason for it: I was waiting for some good news. I’m not a very good multi-tasker, and so with my mind constantly consumed with this coming news, I struggled to do anything else productive (just ask my family). The good news is… I won the Fantasy writing competition… Read more →