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Publication Chronicles pt 1: The Unexpected

(*Disclaimer: this is the process and experience I had with my publisher but obviously not every publisher is the same. I am also talking specifically about traditional publishing and independent publishing, not self-publishing.) When you’re publishing your first book the process is a little daunting – there are so many aspects no one tells you about. You would hope that when you sign the contract, the… Read more →

The right words

I’m busy working on a few short stories. I always find it interesting working with a word count because of the way I approach short stories. I usually grab an inkling of an idea and just write until I feel like its run its course. I don’t think about word count until later, when I edit, and usually this means… Read more →

Wordsmack – Digital publishing

Wordsmack is a digital publisher ready to breach a new frontier in publishing: African speculative fiction. The team, made up of Leani Wessels (top image) and Louise Cosgrave (bottom image), saw a gap in the publishing industry and set their minds to mining it. They have already published some interesting SF books that are bound to make readers sit up… Read more →

The end…

Today marks the end of Nanowrimo. Well, that was the quick. But I did make it… I finished an entire (rubbish) first draft of a new novel. Yes, I still have mountains of work to do on it to make it submittable and yes, there are holes aplenty, but I have more to work with than I did a month ago… Read more →

Changing POV

Have you ever had a character who began as a side character and bamboozled their way into the main point of view (POV)? I’ve had two. Clearly I have something to learn about who makes the best POV for the job when I am auditioning for the role. On both occasions, the story has been far stronger for the change for the… Read more →


I have just completed another edit of a novel. The text has ample red pen sprawled all over it but I always see that as a good sign – every red mark means the writing is going to be better. With this particular novel I have had a five month break from the story… waiting that long helped me feel… Read more →