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Christmas Sale

Books make for incredible Christmas gifts, don’t they? They are in our house. In Iceland, books are given on Christmas eve and the evening is spent reading! A beautiful tradition that I’m desperate to institute in my own house. And so, in honour of all things Christmas and bookish, I’m holding a CHRISTMAS SALE for The Dreamer’s Tears. All print… Read more →

The Path in the forest

I was recently asked to write a story for a Christmas event. A story I would have to read aloud. Seeing as I am in a bit of a writing slump, the idea terrified me. Not only was the brief very specific but I would have my reading audience right there to give me feedback instantly – every introvert writer’s… Read more →

Christmas Surprise

I always feel as though the festive season surprises me. Even though our shopping centers milk Christmas for all it’s worth by early November (you have to give marketing companies credit for planning so far in advance), I still find myself shocked that it’s the week before Christmas. I’m not a great planner so I still have things to buy… Read more →