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Inktober and the great learning curve

I never did blog about the Open Book Festival, I know. I never mentioned how incredibly surreal it was to watch Chris Riddell draw, in person. It was amazing. The man is as talented and delightfully British as I thought he would be and I will treasure the drawing he did for me, forever. But a funny thing happened when… Read more →

Every Day

I follow Chris Riddell – an illustrious-genius-incomparable-illustrator – on Instagram and so far I have learned one thing: if you want to be good at something, do it every day. Every day. He uploads little sketches of all the amazing things he draws daily and I get the sense he was doing this long before Instagram or Twitter. (How amazing… Read more →

Rollicking Reads

Having children has done many things to my life – generally fantastic things – but one of the best things they have done is reminded me how wonderful it is to read a silly story. I don’t know when last you read a silly story but I highly recommend it. Following on from my previous post where I mentioned that… Read more →