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A Dreamer’s Tears Short Story

The Christmas Special on The Dreamer’s Tears will be finished in 11 days, so, if you’re in South Africa and would like a copy, don’t forget to order it ASAP. But for those of you who have already read The Dreamer’s Tears and still haven’t read this short story from a book that Borinvere recommends to Ivy, I thought I’d… Read more →

The Dreamer’s Tears Prequel

If you’re planning to read The Dreamer’s Tears any time soon, don’t forget that you can read the prequel (Declan’s story) right here, for free. Declan is a character cherished by many of my readers and knowing where he came from and what he endured makes him all the more beloved. I hope you enjoy learning more about him.  … Read more →

Monster Hunters Part Three

Finally, after a few technical issues I’ve written the ending to the Monster Hunters series. Thank you for being so patient. In this last story, we find out what happens to twins, Esther and Magpie, and their role in the world of Monsters. I’ve put all three parts together for you to read the story as a whole. I hope… Read more →

Monster Hunters part 2

Part two has arrived. I’m so glad I decided to do this. It’s been a helpful tool to force myself to keep writing in what is a very busy season. I know I’ve mentioned this before but having deadlines really helps. Another reason I am doing this is that I felt I needed to write some stories without overthinking them.… Read more →

New Short Story

It’s been a long time since I last posted anything. I don’t have any excuses, just an explanation: life. Starting my own business turned out to be more time-consuming than I anticipated and writing had to come second to getting things off the ground. It’s not that I haven’t been writing, it’s just that the writing has been relegated to… Read more →

The Dreamer’s Tears re-release

After six months of uncertainty regarding The Dreamer’s Tears I can finally announce that I have re-released the ebook. I’m hoping to have print books available soon but in the meantime I am so happy that the book is available for readers once again. You can buy a copy here. Why have I decided to self-publish? Well, after so much… Read more →

Free Picture Book!

I am SO excited to announce that the book I helped to make in November at Book Dash is LIVE! This is one of the many free books available on the Book Dash website, so share, share, share. This was my first picture book endeavor and thanks to the incredible talents of Julie Smith-Belton (designer) and Mary-Anne Hampton (illustrator) this… Read more →

Cat Hellisen – Writer

I read Beastkeeper by Cat Hellisen earlier this year and gushed ad nauseam about it here, which is why I’m not sure how it took me so long to ask Cat for an interview. I sent her a barrage of questions that she was kind enough to answer. I love her candid, non-pretentious way of answering these questions. She gives… Read more →

The Dreamer’s Tears art!

I did an interview – or ‘authorview’ as Kerstin Hall likes to call it – over at Scrawlings. It was one of the most fun interviews I have ever done. It’s funny and honest and so much more fun than a bunch of questions. I learned a lot. But the best part about this interview was the art! Kerstin Hall*… Read more →

Book Giveaway

Exciting news! {PLEASE NOTE: closing date is extended to the 26th of August} I enjoyed giving away a copy of my book so much at the last workshop I did that I’ll be giving away a copy* of The Dreamer’s Tears to one lucky follower in the next two weeks. Here’s what you have to do: 1. Follow me on Twitter (@CristyZinn)… Read more →