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Skolion Street Team

So, some of you may not know but I am part of a fantastic Author Collaboration called Skolion. Don’t ask me how I managed to find myself in the company of such incredible authors – I try not to question such things. Skolion is busy putting together an awesome Street Team made up of the supporters and fans of the… Read more →


Christmas Sale

Books make for incredible Christmas gifts, don’t they? They are in our house. In Iceland, books are given on Christmas eve and the evening is spent reading! A beautiful tradition that I’m desperate to institute in my own house. And so, in honour of all things Christmas and bookish, I’m holding a CHRISTMAS SALE for The Dreamer’s Tears. All print… Read more →

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World Read Aloud Day!

On the 24th of February it is WORLD READ ALOUD DAY! There are two reasons I am very excited about this day. Firstly, I have two very distinct readers in my house: a son who consumes books like a drug, and a daughter who cannot sit still long enough to finish a sentence. She’s well into senior primary now and… Read more →


The Dreamer’s Tears art!

I did an interview – or ‘authorview’ as Kerstin Hall likes to call it – over at Scrawlings. It was one of the most fun interviews I have ever done. It’s funny and honest and so much more fun than a bunch of questions. I learned a lot. But the best part about this interview was the art! Kerstin Hall*… Read more →


Book Giveaway

Exciting news! {PLEASE NOTE: closing date is extended to the 26th of August} I enjoyed giving away a copy of my book so much at the last workshop I did that I’ll be giving away a copy* of The Dreamer’s Tears to one lucky follower in the next two weeks. Here’s what you have to do: 1. Follow me on Twitter (@CristyZinn)… Read more →

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Glorious books

I look at books differently now that I have one of my own in the world. They have always been mighty things in my life with a magic all of their own. When you’re sufficiently immersed in them, they feel very much alive. I like that feeling. A lot. When I got my kindle a few years ago I was… Read more →


Beastkeeper (Review)

Firstly I offer this disclaimer: I am a terrible reviewer. If I don’t like a book I don’t write about it, because I know how hard people work to make books and I know that there will be an audience for every book even if I don’t like it. If I do like a book, I sometimes don’t write about… Read more →

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Lauren Oliver – Writer

I was so excited when Lauren Oliver agreed to do this interview – it was one of those e-mails I didn’t think I’d get, given her success and busy schedule. Thankfully, Lauren is one of those authors who likes to share her knowledge, so she agreed. Lauren is the author of numerous books ranging genres and age groups, the most… Read more →