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sneak peekI’m participating in a blog hop at the moment (bizarre name for a thing, right?) which is going to give you some top secret insight into my upcoming book. I was tagged by Julianne Alcott, a fellow writer who has recently released her YA SF romance, The Ripmender

Even though my own book only comes out in March 2015, I think you’ll enjoy this teeny look at my main character, Ivy. I tried very hard not to interject… I was almost entirely successful.


Meet my character, Ivy, the protagonist from my book, The Dreamer’s Tears.


What is your name? Are you fictional/historical? 

My name is Ivy Bauble and I’m fictional. Although, I’m about to become something historical in Traumm – I’m the first girl ever to be chosen as Apprentice to the Master of Transformations.


What kind of story is this?

A fantasy adventure with a bit of steampunk thrown in for good measure.


When and where is your story set? 

In a town called Newton, in the middle of Traumm. It’s a pretty famous town, even though it’s small, because it was the first place to have a tower.

(Author interjection: You’ll have to elaborate, Ivy. They don’t know about the Tower yet.)

Sorry… so, the Tower is a giant obelisk which is transformed for three nights over the new moon. It generates a bright light that covers the whole of Newton and protects us from the Knightmares.

(Author Interjection: Ivy, they don’t know what a Knightmare is either.)

Oh. Well, count yourself lucky. You don’t want to run into these things. They’re black flying horses that breathe fire and love to destroy anything the Dreamer made – which is basically everything. They can’t fly into the light though – we haven’t had an attack in Newton since the Tower was built, which is 250 years this year. We’ve just had a huge festival in honour of the anniversary with some of Master Borinvere’s incredible rides.


What should we know about you?

I’m the only girl in a family of seven. My best friend’s name is Max and I may or may not be the reason he has a bad leg. I’m the apprentice to the Master of Transformations.

(Author interjects… again: Don’t you want to tell them some things no one else knows?)

Not really.


Okay fine: I sketch Knightmares. All the time. I’m fascinated by them. I want to know why they can’t be beaten and why we have to be afraid of them all the time. And I don’t think I am in any way the right person to become the Master of Transformations. There, I said it. People tell me its such an honour but it doesn’t feel like one. I can’t be responsible for an entire town.


What is messing up your life?

Knightmares, obviously. They’re messing up everyone’s lives. We’re lucky because we have the tower but I think the Knightmares are trying to find a way to break through. And then there’s the fact that I’ve been appointed as Apprentice to the Master of Transformations but he (Borinvere) spends more time at the Tower than he does teaching me and he comes back all strange and weak. And then there’s the odd boy… am I allowed to talk about him?

(Author: No, not really. You’ll ruin the surprise.)

Alright, then let’s just say I don’t like hanging around the Master’s house, even if it means I’m close to all kinds of marvelous inventions. Obviously I would much rather be flying in the tower balloon or learning about the dreamer’s tears. Or sketching.

And then of course, all kinds of things start going horribly wrong and…

(Author: Save it for the book, Ivy.)

Read it. You’ll see.


What is your goal? 

To save Newton and defeat the Knightmares for good – even though I’m not sure I can. I can’t really elaborate because I’ll give too much away but none of it is going to be pretty. I’ll have to do things I never thought I could do. I’ll have to work with people I thought hated me. I’m going to have to find a whole new way to look at things. I don’t really have a choice though, do I? I can’t let all of Newton just die.


Why should people read your story?

Are you kidding? There are ferocious flying Knightmares, ingenious inventions, mysterious boys, and a secret weapon of sorts. It’s about learning to be brave. Who wouldn’t want to read it?


So, when will the book be published?

In March 2015. It’s being published by the enchanting Fox & Raven Publishing. (Author interjects: I know, I can barely wait either!!!)


I will be releasing other juicy bits and pieces over the next few months to give you an impression of what the book is about, so look out for more. I also have something wonderful planned for December.


Now it’s my turn to tag someone… May I introduce Sue Trollip. I know Sue from the South African Writers’ Circle and think her writing is wonderful.

Sue spent her early days in the KwaZulu-Natal midlands then moved to the city where she swapped a view of the Drakensberg Mountains for one of the Indian Ocean. Her next move took her nearer the Pacific Ocean but again with a view of the mountains, this time the Sierra-Nevada mountain range.Sue

She is a writer of short stories, articles, travel pieces and periodically, poetry. She is currently working on her novel and has a BA (Hons) degree in Theory of Literature. She has won several prizes for her writing  (SA Writers’ Circle, SA Writers’ College, Eastern Province Writers’ Club, 1000 words (UK)),  but not as yet the Man Booker, Pulitzer or Nobel.

Sue loves shortbread and dulce de leche ice cream and is addicted to coffee. Her other loves include reading, watching movies and travelling. Housework does not suit her at all.


The story …

Four people survive a mysterious train robbery.

Five years later there’s to be a reunion TV talk show for the survivors.

Victoria is a South African living in the UK. Her globe-trotting job, purchasing clothes for a high end boutique in London, suits her hyperactive personality and being an insomniac helps too. Afraid of silence Victoria is addicted to her mobile phone and tablet.

Zoe is the talk show host, an American. She drinks too much and behind her facade of indifference she’s tired of her life.

Dermot is an Irish crime writer and a womaniser. He has a secret that could help them all come to terms with the past but he’s too afraid for his own safety to tell anyone.

Jack, also South African, runs a beach bar in Mexico. Although suffering from survivor’s guilt he is a reputable botanist. He runs the bar with an assistant and friend, Estaban.

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