Other Stories

New coverThe Dreamer’s Tears

My first middle-grade/teen fantasy novel (previously published by Fox & Raven publishers) has just been re-released with a glorious new cover. You can get yourself a copy here.

(Print books available in South Africa only. Click here to order your copy.)







By Tower Now Defeated

This is a short prequel to my novel, The Dreamer’s Tears. It follows one of the side characters, named Declan, and his journey to Newton.

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Monster Hunters

Esther and Magpie: Monster Hunters

This is a short story about albino twins who have a special ability to tame monsters. But neither the twins lives, nor the monsters are exactly what they seem.

You can read all of it for FREE here.








You can find my story, Five Sets of Hands, in the AfroSF anthology along with incredible South African authors such as SA Partidge, Sarah Lotz, Dave-Brendon de Burgh and more.

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Path in the Forest book cover

The Path in the Forest

This was a story I wrote to read aloud at a Christmas event.

You can download the PDF here.










Triad AnthologTriad (Volume 1, Edition 1) - Kerstin Hall, Cristy Zinn, Coraline Meady

Triad is the free quarterly anthology published by Fox & Raven Publishing. You can find two of my stories in here: Salesman (under my name) and Withheld (under the name Coraline Mead).

Did I mention, it’s FREE? And you can download it right now. Just click here.







TOW Tales of Wandering

A collection of fantasy short stories for children and teens.

This ebook is also FREE. You can download it here.










This is a small collection of children’s and YA science fiction short stories. Download the free PDF here.









SF CollectionSF Collection

This is a small collection of my adult SF which has won various competitions over the years. Download the free PDF here.