Of Magic & Memory

OM&Mbook-mockupOf Magic and Memory is a YA fantasy available on ebook.


Ava is only fourteen when lightning kills her mother.

She doesn’t know how she will survive the loss, and despite the concern of the people around her, she struggles to get back to any kind of normal. Like her mother, Ginger, Ava has magical abilities, but she is only just beginning to understand how they work and without her mother’s guidance, she feels lost.

A winged boy named Russet and his twin sister, Ebony, have been living on one of the nearby mountains in secret, their magic too strange and visible to make them welcome in an old-fashioned town like VanVere. After Ginger’s death, Russet seeks Ava out to tell her that for years, Ginger protected them with her magic and raised them like her own, never telling anyone.

Though Ava is fascinated by Russet and his sister, knowing her mother lived a double life has thrown every memory she has of her into question. Why would someone keep so many secrets from the people she loved?

Soon Ava understands why…

There is someone in VanVere who hates magic, someone who will go to great lengths to rid the town of it, including trying to have Ava kidnapped. With Ava spending more and more time with Russet and Ebony, the added attention on her threatens to expose her new friends.

And when all their lives are in danger from someone even more damaged than her, Ava will have to find the power in her own magic and memories to save them all.

(You can read an excerpt here.)


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  2 comments for “Of Magic & Memory

  1. Simoné Birkholtz
    February 8, 2018 at 4:10 am

    Good day.

    I just saw your book on a post and it’s BEAUTIFUL!! Are the print copies in paperback or hardcover? Just curious, I’ll order either way.

    Kind regards

  2. Tania
    June 6, 2019 at 12:52 pm

    Good Day,

    I would love a copy of Magic & Memory for my daughter.

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