Leaving the doldrums

doldrumsI hope this is true of all writers at some point in their writing career but recently I hit the doldrums.










That first definition is pretty much where my ship has been sitting for the past six months. I have an idea how I got there but I’m still surprised it lasted this long. I’ve had slumps before but none as significant as this.

And then I received a phone call from a writer friend, about an exciting opportunity and she happened to say a few sentences that woke me up and helped me take ownership for my writing career. It was as if I’d forgotten I had an engine in the hull of my ship.

It’ll take some time to stretch out my weak writing muscles but I’m ready to throw myself back into the game, make plans, craft stories, share them…

This encounter, this serendipitous phone call, reminded me how important it is to have a writing community around you. Writing is a solitary affair and though we need this quiet space to make words come alive, we also need other writers around us, spurring us on.

Keep writing.


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