Christmas Surprise

ChristmasI always feel as though the festive season surprises me. Even though our shopping centers milk Christmas for all it’s worth by early November (you have to give marketing companies credit for planning so far in advance), I still find myself shocked that it’s the week before Christmas. I’m not a great planner so I still have things to buy and wrap and – don’t judge me – we only put our tree up today (19 December). Oh well, better late than never.

I did plan one thing for Christmas this year though… a collection of short stories for children and teens in an ebook free for you to download. It’s the perfect read for the holidays! I’m using Noisetrade Books as a platform because I think it’s a fantastic resource for emerging musicians and authors. The link might prompt you to leave a tip but just ignore it and download it for free. You can get it here.

Speaking of Noisetrade, you can also download this haunting Christmas carol by one of my favourite bands, Kye Kye. Get it here.


Next year I’ll be filling you in on some exciting things happening around my upcoming novel, The Dreamer’s Tears, but until then: Merry Christmas.


Keep writing.



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