Jeffrey Overstreet – Writer & Film Critic

How did you become an author? Was it a childhood desire or an adult revelation? As soon as I could hold crayons and paintbrushes steadily, I began copying the text of my favorite storybooks and painting watercolor illustrations. Copying the stories I loved quickly led to revisions and embellishments, and that led to original stories. My first original story was… Read more →

Eugene Black – Writer

Eugene Black lives in Cape Town, South Africa where he spends his waking hours working in the book & music industry whilst pursuing his part time careers as both writer of imaginary fiction and vocalist for rock band Six Of Nine. His many endeavours have led to television, magazine and radio appearances as well as performances throughout South Africa. How… Read more →

Basil Van Rooyen – Editor

Basil Van Rooyen has more than 30 years experience in the South African publishing industry. He is also the author of Get Your Book Published in 30 (relatively) Easy Steps, which uncovers the publishing industry. I asked him to answer some questions for the website to try and pick his brain as only a would-be author could. I know you’ll… Read more →

Philip Reeve – Writer

This is the first Author Interview on the new site with Mortal Engines author, Philip Reeve. I first discovered Philip’s work two years ago when I found a signed copy of Larklight at a book sale and I have been an avid fan ever since. Philip has been kind enough to answer some questions on writing… 1.       Explain a little about… Read more →

Jurgen Wolff – Writing Coach

I read Your Writing Coach about three years ago and found it incredibly helpful. Few books are both practical and inspiring at the same time but this one was. I was very excited to get this interview with Jurgen Wolff, so that I could pick his brain a little and see what makes him tick…  1. Give us an anecdote… Read more →

DJ Turner – Writer

 I had the opportunity to speak to Delia Turner (aka DJ Turner) in March when I did a live interview at Exclusive Books. I am always excited when a South African manages to publish within the Fantasy genre (even more so when they are published internationally) because I know how hard it is, so it was wonderful to be able… Read more →

Gemma Malley – Writer

Gemma Malley is the author of five dystopian novels for YA. Her work is exceptionally thought-provoking, her characters grappling with issues far beyond their years, and the conflicts they face make for a brilliant read. I first read The Declaration a few years ago and have been searching for more of her work ever since. Gemma answered a few questions… Read more →

Hugh Howey – Writer

What do you love most about your life as a writer? Without a doubt, it’s interacting with readers. For years, I begged to have my books read. I gave them away to anyone who showed even a hint of interest. Now I get emails from all over the world, and fans send me art inspired by the Wool and Molly… Read more →