Storytelling bliss

I’m in the weirdest writing place I’ve ever been. I’m not writing nearly enough and I’m not consumed with the self-pressure of getting a story done. But while I busy myself with my new business, I have this story writing itself in the back of my mind. When I do manage to scrounge up some writing time (mostly on weekends,… Read more →

read along

World Read Aloud Day!

On the 24th of February it is WORLD READ ALOUD DAY! There are two reasons I am very excited about this day. Firstly, I have two very distinct readers in my house: a son who consumes books like a drug, and a daughter who cannot sit still long enough to finish a sentence. She’s well into senior primary now and… Read more →



I’m in my second month of starting my own business (you can check out more on that here) and finding little or no time to write. And though I love what I’m doing, I had one of those days today where reality set in… I haven’t written for days and the stories on my head are succumbing to gravity and… Read more →

What if

Free Picture Book!

I am SO excited to announce that the book I helped to make in November at Book Dash is LIVE! This is one of the many free books available on the Book Dash website, so share, share, share. This was my first picture book endeavor and thanks to the incredible talents of Julie Smith-Belton (designer) and Mary-Anne Hampton (illustrator) this… Read more →

New Day

New Day

This year I start a whole new season of my life. I left my job of 7 years and am starting my own design business from home. It’s a huge step for me and my family but all of us hope it will mean more writing time – eventually. This past year was equal parts glorious and agonising – normal… Read more →

theres room

There’s room

Gah! Cat Hellisen has done it again! She’s written this blog post that has me blubbering because it’s true and it’s made me realise something: there’s space in this big old world for stories like mine. And yours. I’ve always been secretly chagrined that I don’t write gritty, adult stories. Why can’t I be more grown-up? Why can’t I write about real… Read more →

wood for the trees

The Path in the forest

I was recently asked to write a story for a Christmas event. A story I would have to read aloud. Seeing as I am in a bit of a writing slump, the idea terrified me. Not only was the brief very specific but I would have my reading audience right there to give me feedback instantly – every introvert writer’s… Read more →

the end

The end.

I thought I had dealt with the fact that my publisher is closing down and what that means. I guess I didn’t. Today is the 1st of December, the official closing date of Fox and Raven. Though it’s been silent for a long time, today still feels a little like a death, an end. I won’t lie, today is hard.… Read more →


Inktober and the great learning curve

I never did blog about the Open Book Festival, I know. I never mentioned how incredibly surreal it was to watch Chris Riddell draw, in person. It was amazing. The man is as talented and delightfully British as I thought he would be and I will treasure the drawing he did for me, forever. But a funny thing happened when… Read more →